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Cheap uPVC Doors and Frames

UPVC Doors vs Composite doors.

UPVC Doors

Both uPVC and composite doors are cheaper options. Cheap uPVC doors are the most common option.

Cheap uPVC doors provide a very satisfying visual finish. The materials used are of high quality and long-lasting. They are very low maintenance, making them the most popular option for UK homeowners.

UPVC is a type of plastic that is very durable and can stand for many years in the UK’s present climate. This, when combined with a cheaper price tag, makes them the UK’s most popular option by far.

High quality new cheap uPVC door

Composite Doors.

Also, cheap composite doors are another prevalent option. Composite cheap doors are also still very high quality. Composite doors are all made from several types of material, including uPVC, steel, wood, glass and insulating foam.

They have a similar low price tag and are also deficient in maintenance. They are the highest security and durable doors on the market, lasting more than 30 years.

Composite doors are slightly more expensive than their uPVC counterpart but benefit from lasting slightly longer with the same low maintenance.

However uPVC still remain the most popular option for UK home owners when looking for cheap uPVC door solutions.

newly installed composite front door

Door options to consider

There are many options to consider when purchasing new doors for your home.

Cheap uPVC doors, as mentioned earlier, are the favourite option by far, mainly caused by the low price tag and can be combined with a five-lever mortice deadlock for extra security.

Composite doors have a slightly higher price tag but have the benefits of extra security and durability when combined with an anti-snap cylinder lock and multi-point locking system.

Timber doors are another trendy option. The price tag for timber doors can be considerably higher, and maintenance can be somewhat more.

This being said, timber is still one of the most popular options, mainly for its high-quality visual finish. When combined with either of the lock options mentioned above, Timber doors offer very high levels of security.

Timber style new front door

Should you Buy Cheap uPVC Doors or Composite Doors?

All doors are not created equally! There are many things to consider when deciding on your new door options.

The main difference is the materials used to construct the doors in the first place. UPVC doors are made from solely Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride or commonly known as uPVC.

Composite doors are constructed from various materials, making them more durable and thicker than uPVC and making them more expensive.

Cheap uPVC doors vs composite doors

All the things mentioned in this article should help you decide which new door solution is best for your house and fits your budget.

Cheap uPVC door options and colours

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