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Some surprising cost perks of getting your windows replaced

UPVC Windows

You may have heard about the many benefits of getting your windows replaced with much more energy-efficient, double-glazed versions, but many worry about the first hurdle: will it be too expensive?

On top of this, many homeowners are worried about the cost in the long-run, and whether it will be an investment that’s worth making.

Panic not, however, as there are many funding options for those who want a more secure, energy-efficient home, and not have to empty their bank account to do so.


Many people have heard of the help to buy mortgage schemes, aimed at helping younger generations to get a foot-hold on the housing ladder. Did you know, however, that the same principle exists for those looking to get replacement windows?

There are a number of installation companies that are partnering with the Help2Buy Windows Scheme, which provides homeowners with access to otherwise expensive home-improvements. This breaks up the cost of the overall payment, eliminating the need to pay a large, lump-sum up-front.

This funding method makes it more affordable for those who do not have large sums of money in the bank, ready to spend on home-improvements.

As with many other funding policies, your needs will be assessed individually so that an estimate of how much funding you will need can be decided.

While the funding itself isn’t actually provided by Help 2 Buy Windows, one of the aforementioned associated installation companies will provide this instead.


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This cost-saving measure aims to prove to customers that they will be getting a high-quality product when they replace their windows. We deal with manufacturers directly, which means that we don’t have to pay full retail costs.

To put it simply, this process cuts out the middle-man, which means that the customer doesn’t have to foot the bill for their replacement windows changing hands.

Savings in the home

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Window replacement isn’t just about improving the physical appearance of your home; it’s also about saving money. Trapping heat in your home effectively is incredibly useful when you consider about half of our monthly bills go towards keeping it at the right temperature.

Water leaking into the home and heat loss are both two indicators that your windows are not currently serving your needs. If you would like a home that’s warm and toasty during the harsh winter months, then well-fitted and double glazed windows are for you. Without them, you will be losing money if heat filters straight back outside again and into the atmosphere.

If you are looking for a double glazed windows cost calculator, want to know how much UPVC windows would cost, or whether you would qualify for a grant, then be sure to swing by our website.

We have a full list of prices, so you can accurately estimate how much it would cost you to get your windows replaced.

Whether it’s standard window sizes UK you’re after, or you just want to know how replacing windows could help your home, then give us a call.

A common question is whether double glazing or triple glazing is best. We suggest that Double Glazing is suitable in most cases for homes in the UK.

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How much do new windows cost?


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Are you looking to replace your windows? You may be looking for new windows if you are refurbishing your home if you are looking to make your home more energy-efficient and to help you to save on energy bills, or if you are changing the design of your home.

However, if you are deterred from investing in new windows due to the cost, it is possible to get new windows for a range of prices at My Replacement Windows.

Read on to find out how much new windows cost and how you can find the right windows for your price bracket at My Replacement Services, as well as the needs of your home.

What factors affect the cost of windows?

The cost of the windows that you are looking to invest in is affected by a number of different factors which may influence their pricing.

My Replacement Windows can give you advice on the right type of windows for your home, as well as how this may affect the cost of your specific windows. To understand the cost of your windows, you need to consider the factors that may affect this.

  • The materials that we use at My Replacement Windows can impact the cost of your windows, as these materials are worth different amounts due to their rarity and the ease of producing them. For instance, wood grains such as oak will be more expensive than uPVC. However, within this cost, you need to consider longevity; while PVC may have a cheaper initial cost, wood windows will last for much longer than to wood’s durability, and so you will need to spend less on maintenance and replacements.
  • Another factor which can affect the cost of windows is their size, with smaller windows being much cheaper than larger frames due to the fact that they will use less material. At My Replacement Windows, you can book an appointment to get a quote based on the exact specifications of your individual windows and needs before you buy. However, the cost is also affected by the shape of these windows, as speciality shapes will usually have to be custom designed and can use more material than traditional or double-hung shapes.
  • The style of windows can also influence their cost, with more modern and unusual styles costing more than popular choices. For instance, casement windows and sash windows are much more costly than other types of windows, as they are less readily available and not as popular for customers. Contact My Replacement Windows to discuss the style that you are aiming for and how this may affect the cost of windows in your home.

What types of windows are there?

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  • Casement windows: Our casement windows usually come in adjoining pairs, with each opening out the opposite way to give a clear view of the outdoors. They can open out and inwards, or can be raised up or down, depending on your preference.
  • Double-Hung and Single-Hung Sash Windows: In My Replacement Window’s single-hung windows, the bottom sash or window moves up and down to open, and the upper stays permanently still, whereas in double-hung windows, both of these move up and down, and can be tilted outwards for cleaning purposes.
  • Bow Windows: My Replacement Windows also provide bow windows, which are similar to bay windows in that they are curved, although they also make the outside of the house curved.
  • Bay Windows: These are large windows that are often found in terraced or Victorian houses, but which we can fit in every type of home. They protrude outwards from the room’s wall and create a small area which can be used as a window seat.

How much do new windows cost?

If you decide to opt for UPVC windows from My Replacement Windows in your home, then you can expect casement windows to cost between £150 and £900 depending on the size, whereas sash windows will cost between £700 and £1,100.

For instance, 600 x 900 uPVC windows can cost you as little as £2350 for the ground floor of your home. However, if these are wooden, prices range from £700-£1500 for casement and £1,100 and £1,900 for sash windows.

However, the only real way to determine how much your new windows will cost is to make an appointment for a quote. At My Replacement Windows, we will be able to provide you with an individual quote for your home, which details the best options for your type of building.

Using this, you will then be able to opt for the type of windows that you want that suits both your own preferences and the needs of your home, and this will also give you the ability to discuss your options with our team of trained experts.

What should you consider when getting new windows?

  • Energy efficiency may affect the cost of new windows, with an A+++ being the highest rating that you can look for with us at My Replacement Windows. Even though these are more expensive, they can help to save you money in the long-term by reducing your energy bills, meaning that they may even eventually pay for themselves.
  • You also need to consider any additional costs for fitting the windows. Although it is possible to self-install the windows, here at My Replacement Windows, we can help you to install these windows with our expertise, giving you a stress-free experience and leaving you safe in the knowledge that your windows are fitted correctly, reducing the need for replacements.
  • The quality of your windows can also affect the cost, but you should always make sure that you choose a window company that you can trust to provide you with high-quality windows, especially since their lifespan can be over 25 years. My Replacement Windows can help to provide you with durable and long-lasting windows that can both match the style of your home and ensure that they can last for as long as possible.

When considering the cost of new windows from My Replacement Windows, there are a wide variety of factors that you need to think about, including the quality, style, and material used.

However, it is important that you find the right windows for your home, as this can help to add character to your home, while also saving on your energy bills. 

Call My Replacement Windows to find out the types of windows that we have on offer.

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Types of Replacement Windows and Materials

When you install replacement windows in your home, research your options. A homeowner must consider achieving a balance between practical elements such as energy efficiency with appearance.

You can choose many styles when you replace windows in your home, including casement, double-hung, bay, awning, and bow windows. You also will learn, when replacing windows, that you can get special shaped windows, and those with round tops, too.

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  • Bay replacement windows feature a large centre pane with 2 smaller panes on either side. It protrudes from the side of the house.
  • A bow replacement window is comprised of several panes of glass of equal size installed to form a curved shape protruding from the side of the house.
  • Awning style and casement windows will either push out, like an awning, or crank open. They can look very clean and modern, and feature a hinged opening.
  • Double hung replacement windows are energy efficient, and carry off a classic look. Usually, they are constructed so that you can tilt them open for easy cleaning.
  • For special shaped or round top windows, you’ll need to consult with a designer or architect, who can recommend and design any structural changes that need to be made.


Window Colours

uPVC replacement window price is by far the most cost-effective, and they are usually the best choice in most applications. The window frame itself is usually dead air space, providing a heat/cold exchange of your climate control.

With uPVC replacement windows, this space is solid uPVC, giving the window frame insulating properties. This will keep cool air indoors in the summer, and warm air indoors in the winter.

The only real drawback to uPVC replacement windows cosmetic, as they’re not available in every colour. However, the benefits of uPVC replacement windows often will outweigh this design problem.

Wood replacement windows are perhaps the most esthetically attractive windows, and many people choose wood replacement windows, which often come with cladding.

uPVC or aluminium clad wood replacement windows are much more resistant to the elements than wood that is not clad.

Wooden windows usually lose their beauty when exposed to the elements, and require a lot more maintenance, such as scraping, priming, and painting or treatment with wood stains. It also is usually more expensive, and the upkeep adds to the expense.

You’ll find aluminum windows most commonly in commercial applications. It is a very poor choice because aluminum is not a good insulator.

Putting aluminum windows in your home will result in higher energy costs. You can, however, choose aluminum clad wooden windows with acceptable results.

Fibreglas windows are growing in popularity because the construction techniques have improved the product.

Fibreglass frames used to be weak, and not very good a insulating. Now, technology uses a combination of epoxy resins and fibreglass cloth to construct strong frames for replacement windows.

You can even get wood windows with fibreglass cladding. Fibreglass is a good material for extremely large replacement windows, because it is more lightweight and strong, too. Fibreglass, however, may require painting.

Andersen Windows has developed a product called Fibrex. Constructed of epoxy resin and wood, it requires no maintenance since it is very durable, but can be painted.

It looks like a wood replacement window without the degenerative qualities or maintenance needs. The replacement window cost of the Fibrex materials is more expensive that the others mentioned, here. Get a quote for your replacement windows here.