A light, spacious conservatory in the UK

Benefits of getting a conservatory

If you have a bit of money to spare for some home improvements, you may be weighing up the cost of a conservatory.

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Many people want to add a bit of extra space to their home, but not necessarily undergo the full process of an extension. A conservatory provides you with an extra room that lets in plenty of light.

If you have a small family that’s starting to grow or you’d just like to make the most of the size of your property, then here are a few benefits to getting a conservatory.

Extra light

A light, spacious conservatory in the UK

If your home is situated in a way that means it doesn’t get a huge amount of light during the day, then a conservatory will add plenty of light to whichever room or space it is attached to.

The room itself will, of course, be flooded with light, which makes it an ideal social space during the day. If you’re a plant parent and want somewhere for your plants to flourish and grow, a conservatory is perfect due to its natural heat generation.

Added value

If executed well, a conservatory will add extra value to your home in the future. It will appeal to prospective homeowners because of the extra space it adds.

You may even benefit from house hunters who actually have a preference towards a home with a conservatory.

Before you part with your cash, do have a look into which conservatories homeowners tend to prefer, as this will guarantee a more universal appeal.

Extra space

A small sized conservatory

Although it is not the ideal space to put your bedroom, for example, it is still a relatively flexible use of space. You should see your conservatory as an extension on your home, giving you more indoor square-footage to spend time in.

They can open out in the summer to give you a bright and breezy place to spend time in with friends and family, and a cosy space in the winter with clear views of the outdoors.


While many of your neighbours may have opted for a Victorian style conservatory, as these frequently go in and out of fashion, they aren’t the only option available to you.

You can choose a lean-to conservatory for a more discreet use of space, or an Edwardian style version to add a bit of classic sophistication. Each style of conservatory comes with its own price point, with lean-to being the most affordable and orangeries being the most expensive.

The style that you opt for may also depend on how much space you have and what you want to use it for. An Edwardian style or an orangery, for example, could be useful for those who want to blur the distinction between extension and conservatory.

If you have yet to decide whether you want to get a conservatory, take a visit to some showrooms or contact a contractor for a quote.

Having an idea of how much you can expect to pay will help you to set aside some budget and come to a decision on a style. The benefits to your home’s value, light and space could be well worth the investment.