Energy saving

Energy Saving Issues

If you see your curtains swaying from a breeze with the windows closed then you probably need replacement windows. Drafts coming through unseen cracks of window frames are one of the leading causes of lost home heat and energy saving issues.

Energy saving

uPVC Replacement Windows

There are many brands in the window industry such as Anderson, Pella, Marvin, Milgard, Jeld-Wen. In general, if you choose one of the products from these companies, you are choosing the best that is out there.

Most of these companies produce high-quality uPVC windows. Being one of the best types of replacement windows and materials, uPVC never has to be painted, and it never warps or rots like wood.

It is also much more attractive than standard aluminium windows which cover many homes.

Single or Double glazed?

Houses built before the ’80s generally have single glazed windows. When replacing windows with cheaper and lower quality than double glazed, the long-term expense of single glazed windows can be staggering.

Even if the unseen open spaces are covered to avoid allowing drafts, the heat and cold transfer of a single glazed of glass can make a big difference. For example, using ENERGY STAR replacement windowsdouble glazed, can save as much as £500 per year by choosing double over single glazed windows.

Time is also a factor. Double glazed windows that have lost the vapour barrier between the glazing over time can also cost money. A new set of ENERGY STAR double glazed replacement windows can potentially pocket another £100/year in savings.

Glass panes alone are one of the worst insulators that can be used. but add a second pane with a vapour barrier in between, and you have one of the best. Add uPVC replacement windows to the plan, that will never rot or rust, and the savings in energy costs simply grow.


Window Security

Did you know that the correct replacement windows can save money on your homeowner’s insurance? They improve security as double glazing simply make it harder for intruders to break in. With the right kind of locking mechanism, you’ll be even safer. Increased safety equals lower insurance rates.


Some studies show that heating and air conditioning costs can increase by 25% with improper windows. With quality replacement windows, you can save 30% on energy costs.

With the energy-efficient models, you can save up to 50%. Difficult New England winters will no longer lower your bank account, and harshly hot Arizona summers will not draw the dollars out of your pocket. What replacement window price should you look for?

A moderately-priced window can cost approximately £600. The best window out there will be about £850. With heating or cooling costs of about £300 a month, you’ll potentially have a savings of £1800 a year. It will take just a few years to pay for your new windows.

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